Who checks them?

Who’s fact checking the “Fact Checkers?”

How exactly could the fact checkers fact check anything in this new world? Did they ask the people named in any situation they fact checked while giving them a lie detector test? The fact is… I can’t find anything to confirm or to contradict this so it must be fake, doesn’t work anymore.

People will deny anything anymore simply because it says to on a fact checked tag from some random person they know anything about. They’ll believe anyone else over the ones trying to let them know something is off, that’s the saddest part. Sometimes people put themselves out there making them vulnerable to let you know about things they’ve learned, regardless of how it makes them feel. They were maybe hesitant but did it anyways, because they wanted you to hear something they felt was important!

Instead of being grateful that someone loved you enough to tell you this important thing, keeping your eyes and mind open, you attack them. Each time breaking a little more trust they had in you.
Each time, driving a wedge into their faith in humanity.

What if what they told you was real? What if, the place they learned it, was from actual, true information that was going to be censored if and when it was discovered by the wrong people. When did information become something people didn’t want? Since when did something become false simply because it was censored from the public?

If you have nothing to hide, then what are you hiding? Every day, there is more and more that is censored from the public. Do you know why its censored? Is it because humans are incapable of handling information without being spoon fed? Are we incapable of distinguishing between fact and fiction, so they only give us the fiction? It seems to be what they think. Or do you think its possible they only tell us the fiction, because what has been hidden is probably true and they don’t want that information out there.

Why are we limited on information we can access in a free country? Do you think that over half of the United States are just… crazy? We live in the land of the “Free” although that is seeming less and less like the truth by the day when fact checkers and media control us now. Where does all the suppressed footage go? Is there a reason that the only videos out there of things like Bigfoot or Alien spacecraft that are easy to find; are the crappiest quality videos we could imagine? They have High definition pictures of the moons of Saturn now ffs! Is it because that’s all that is out there? or is it because that good video that suddenly disappeared was just… fake?

I don’t know but it seems people have their heads up their asses anymore or their heads buried in the sand. Freedom isn’t given to you forever, sometimes you have to actually fight for it. Complacency is why people and organizations plan and plot and scheme to take power. Why not take power from the ones who would rather be told what to believe instead of studying all sides for themselves and making sense of things after having all of the information.

When someone uninformed comes at me telling me that what I’m saying was fact checked, I know how ignorant they are and are choosing to be. They don’t need to hear anymore because MsM told them the truth so they didn’t need more proof. Then they recite some bullshit that was from a clip of a video or a meme and have the audacity to tell people who do study and watch full videos of things that THEY are stupid or misinformed!? Cause the news doesn’t lie. Oh, is that the case? Cause it seems like the ones that have the information would probably know more about something then someone who was told what was going on by Msm or a meme made by another person who saw an edited clip too.

The news no matter which station or how many viewers they have are nothing more than a high priced blog with a higher reach. All they are doing is peddling their version of information to the ones who’ll listen. Their opinions about things are the only ones that should be listened to because the views expressed by them are the truth! Everything else is fact checked by the checkers! Where is their information coming from that is so true though? Have you ever tried to find out?

I don’t know about you but there’s a reason communist countries control information, its so the populace are easy to control. Wake up people! The survival of the human population is at stake! Would you rather give up and roll over, rather than fight for our very lives and the lives of our kids futures? What if you do nothing and it turns out everything you thought was lie was all true and you denied it the whole time? Would you bury your head in the sand even further? What is it going to take for people to actually start listening to more than their phones and start listening to their common sense. At this point it seems like an extinction level event.

I watched the movie Idiocracy years ago when it first came out and I laughed through it quite a bit. I laughed because I thought it was much too far fetched to become reality, even in the future. Now though, I’m starting to see exactly how it happened and realizing that its damn near unfolding right before my very eyes!

It’s time to open your eyes… And realize the lies… Before everyone dies…

I think the Joker said it best when he said: “This world needs an enema…”

Mark Lopez

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