The Creation side effect

The trials with all of the rats they had to experiment on went extraordinarily well. They monitored about 5 more sets of rats and saw the same results every time. The sick rats would always get better and younger and every time they would have that mild seizure. They began to notice that something was causing uncontrollable erections in the male rats during those moments bringing even more questions than answers. No harm had come to them and they didn’t seem to need help or anything. What they had first thought of as seizures, was actually found to be orgasms. It was decided to go ahead with the human trials.
They put an ad in the paper that was one of those too good to be true, healing powers, miraculous hand of God types. The idea was to make most people think that it was fake so that they could keep it quiet. They didn’t want to have to deal with massive amounts of people and press. They finally got one response that took about 3 days as most people didn’t feel it was serious and bother to call. The woman who responded was a young mother of a little boy named Tommy. She was scared that she wouldn’t be there for him for much longer because she was recently diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer. It was apparently pretty serious and bordering on terminal. It was just what they were hoping for.
They set the appointment asking her to keep the study confidential, which she did. When she came in, she looked horrible. She had bags under her eyes and she was pale and her skin was almost hanging on her bones. She also couldn’t talk for very long before she would start coughing and clutching her chest as if that would take the pain away that she was feeling.
James shook her hand, “Please, have a seat, Lauren is it?”
She shook her head yes and sat down still looking unsure of what this meeting was about.“You’re probably wondering what this is all about.”  James asked her as he brought a small black box from his pocket, placing it on the table.
“Well, the thought had crossed my mind, all I know is that I have been getting deadlines on my life from people I don’t know and for me that’s just not going to work. So I guess I came her looking for more than just a joke. I will admit though seeing the ad no matter how ridiculous it seemed, somehow got my hopes up.” She sounded a bit distant, as if she were already prepared for a disappointment.
James could see that she was having a hard time with her situation and didn’t want to drag this on any longer than he already had. He was having a hard time containing himself; he was extremely excited but trying not to show it until he knew this was going to work.
James began, “Lauren, the reason you’re here is because we’ve come up with a formula that has been talked about in all of human history but until this day, has never been found. If you’re willing, we would love for you to be our first human test subject. One thing you should know is we have only tested this out on rats as of yet but I’m proud to say there has never been one bad test that’s happened in our entire time testing it out. In each case, the formula did what it was supposed to do. I want you to know, if all goes right with this tonight, it will help you with your Cancer and anything else you may have going on with you.”
“Why am I sensing a ‘but’ coming somewhere?” she asked.
“But”, he continued with an amused smile, “We’re not sure what is happening a hundred percent but they seemed to all have a slight seizure after about 5 minutes of injecting them with the formula. It only lasts a little while and is different for each one but after that they all get better. We need to do human trials with a willing participant to figure out what this is exactly.” James knew it was orgasms to a degree but he didn’t want to influence her in any way as to what it could be.
“Okay, so let me get this straight, you are almost 100 percent sure it will help my cancer and a mild seizure is the only negative side effect you know about? I guess if it comes between having a little seizure or dying… the seizure wins every time. Where do I sign?”
Rick was prepared and slid over the sheet for her to sign releasing them of any liabilities in case something should happen to her after the injection. This was taking a huge leap of faith on her part, something like this needed someone with a bit of desperation in them.
“Follow me.” said James and they led her into the lab where she could be strapped into her chair in case she needed to be held down during the seizure and brought the syringe out of the black box.
James stood back and let Rick do the honors. He did great; the injection was given without anything but a minor needle sting on her end.
After about 3 minutes she said, “I feel a kind of warmth creeping through me, it’s like a light tingle. It actually feels really good, it’s giving me goosebumps.” She started to move her hips slowly from side to side and started to lick her lips. She closed her eyes and relaxed back in her seat more. As they watched her they noticed that her cheeks were becoming flushed and she was balling her hands up into fists.
“Oh my God what is this?” She started and then took a sharp breath in and once again licked her lips.
She was squirming in her seat slowly and sensually as if they weren’t even in the room with her. She began moaning harder and heavier and her breathing became sharper and deepened.
It was apparent that she was being sexually stimulated which would explain the moaning and the euphoric faces she was making. That must have been why the rats had shaken so much but didn’t seem to be in pain. That also explained the erections.
She began moving more violently and thrashing about uncontrollably prompting Rick to ask if she was alright. She didn’t respond right away. After a few more moments, she could only come back with a quick “Yes, yes, YES!!!” Her legs started shivering like she was in Antarctica with no jacket and she quit breathing until the shaking started to subside, then she couldn’t help but breath heavily as she caught her breath.
When she began to calm down a little and they were about to ask her what the hell had just happened, her eyes went wider than it looked like they should on her face and the only thing she got out was “Its warm again…” before her eyes rolled into the back of her head as her rollercoaster ride began again, this time a bit more intense.
She went through this a good 4 more times before she lay her head down, closing her eyes and breathing heavily until she could finally compose herself. The guys were getting scared for a minute wondering if it was ever going to end or if her heart would blow out first. It wasn’t very likely since it was a healing potion but it still stirred their pulses into overdrive along with hers.
It took her a couple of minutes before she could say anything; they patiently waited until she finally spoke. “Oh my God!  That was absolutely AMAZING!” They let her settle her body as she was still having minor involuntary twitches as the last of the orgasmic body rocking finally subsided.
“So I take it that was a sexually stimulating experience?” asked Rick. Breaking the ice of that wild experience they had just watched.
“Oh my God,” she said once again. “You can definitely rule out seizures boys.” She lay back in the chair relaxed again; she had a glazed look in her eyes that said she was more satisfied than she had ever been in her life. Soon enough she confirmed it for them. “That was, without a doubt, the most intense total body orgasm I have ever had, hell that was better than any I could even imagine!”
“Alright, we’re going to want to have you stay overnight for observation tonight if you wouldn’t mind Lauren. We’ll be monitoring your progress during the night as well as your vital signs and symptoms. We’re going to be watching for other side effects that may happen besides the two we know about. So far the side effects we have found have been obviously the orgasms and one you may be excited about, anti-aging.”
She stared at him as if he had just said he was an alien from another planet. “Huh?” she said blankly. She wasn’t sure if she had just heard him right.
“Yeah one of the side effects we found in the rats was that they actually reversed their age about 10 years for the dose. We’re expecting you to have similar results.”
“Are you guys like, from another dimension or something? There is no way this is real, I have never had an experience like that nothing even close to that intense! Now you’re telling me the curse of aging being reversed is a side effect? You have got to be Angels or something, of course I’ll stay!” She looked as if she may faint.
James and Rick looked at each other unable to hide their smiles.

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