Mothers wrath Paradise lost

“Landscape like this has never seen the inside of the Sahara desert.” said Rick to himself as he admired the absolutely gorgeous landscape they had grown with the help of a rather formidable community of new world minded people.

James had been instrumental in the process of building this gorgeous new desert thanks to his knowledge of how things worked. If he hadn’t helped think outside the box like he had with the formula it may never have happened. There were a lot of other contributions he had made as well such as figuring out the way the windmills worked and implementing the idea of using the natural condensation that happened when they warmed up in the cool desert air to make water. He literally made it so that moisture was taken out of the dry feeling air, something he never expected before it happened, giving this community lakes from thin air as if by magic. It had become a literal paradise in the middle of one of the most brutal climates in the world.

He had great ideas for using hydrogen as well, which he had perfected over the last few hundred years since he and Rick decided to create this community. They wanted a place where people could be safe from the dictator like grip of the ancients and the new one world type government. The perfect place for this seemed to be the Sahara desert. Nobody thought it would ever be anything besides a life sucking, deadly dry and hot terrain to the rest of the world. Their little paradise was barely anything in the sheer mass of the large desert. There were many more areas in the world that were better populated than there and in the entire time they had been here there hadn’t been so much as a single plane that had flown overhead on its way over the desert. It appeared that this was indeed the perfect place to rebuild a world inside of this nightmare the rest of the current world had become.

It wasn’t very likely you would ever see someone else out as far as they were, there were thousands of miles of sand every way you looked. They wanted to find the place in the world that was furthest away from other life and civilizations. The actual desert itself was deemed to be about 3.6 million square miles. As it was now, their community numbered close to half a million people and they were barely taking up even a small chunk of it. Finding them would have only been possible with a treacherous journey through the hot sand, most planes would have no desire to travel this far. If they did, it would be a feat to try not to get sand blindness looking at the sand for that long.

James came walking out of the main floor of his hacienda style five bedroom mansion home built by his and Ricks hands as well as groups of followers they had been gathering over the course of the past few centuries and walked up to Rick.

“Hey buddy.” He said with a smile.

“Hey yourself kiddo.” He said back with a smile saying he knew all too well James wasn’t a kid anymore, although he still really looked like one.

He would look like that forever too. There would never be a remedy for that. It was his idea after all that they try to get the delicate nanobots to program the bodies’ stem cells to do the same things they were doing. In essence the nanobots were programming the body’s own stem cells to become more effective nanobots themselves. The idea hit Rick like a ton of bricks. He was definitely okay with never having to use the formula again but this new injection wasn’t going to be one they released to the public.

They had handled the first formula like absolute children the first time around. At least with the first formula people were able to eventually run out of it and begin aging again. If this was the formula they had done, they would never age and nobody could tell the difference. They had to test for the old version. There was no way to tell with the new formula, it made the body take over and there was no further need for the formula.

They had not only created the cure all formula that reversed aging and gave incredible orgasms to its users, they had also created a formula that only him and the boy had taken. They didn’t even give this to the others in the community. They just had the basic formula to give to people. Nobody even took them but maybe once every ten years sort of like a vaccine. This made their bodies naturally create new cells with stem cells like they were growing new hearts. But this eventually ran out and the people would begin to age normally again. James hadn’t wanted to hand out the formula to just anyone.

They had taken on a very large responsibility by taking the version they had. It was forever, which meant they would never die. They would keep on living as long as they had enough of their bodies left to repair. It was like James had a sixth sense or something and it never failed him. It was a lot to ask of someone to become officially immortal.

They had seen it plenty of times, eventually people just stop taking the formula and let themselves age and die like normal people. After a while there comes a point where life just loses its luster and nothing around is something you haven’t seen at some point before. People eventually begin to reveal themselves as basic carbon copies of other people in the world. Originality begins to lose its meaning. It gets to the point where you already know what everyone is going to say before they even say it.

It made Rick chuckle to think that James was some sort of psychic inventor as the kid knew nothing about science when they had met but somehow his ideas always made sense to Rick as to how to put them all together. Alas shortly after the release of the formula, James started taking science classes himself to learn everything he could about science and how it all worked. Now he had surpassed Rick with his overall knowledge about scientific things. Rick still had more of a knack about how to put things together, so in all, they still made a great team.

“So have you heard about the latest catastrophes in the regular world?” James asked.

“Yeah, Tommy sent a report back this morning with a two page update about the crematories that have been set up to burn the bodies. He says that people are complaining of their eyes burning now and that its starting to feel like pepper spray has been shot into the air. Apparently there’s an insane smell of burned corpses that permeates the air and its spreading.”

“So I take it the burning isn’t affecting Tommy?” asked Rick.

“Nope, he reports nothing of the sort but since our cocktail is better than the first one, I’m not surprised.” James smiled.

Tommy was almost as old as they were. His mother had been one of the first ones to be cured using the formula in its inception stages. They had sent people out into the regular world to see where the planet was heading and if there might be others that could be a benefit to this new utopia they were creating. The community was given a choice as to whether they wanted to live forever, or take shots when they wanted a few more years. The last thing either of them wanted was a repeat of James’ grandfather.

Most opted for the more temporary forever option. Suicide on the forever formula was much harder to do and if you didn’t want to live forever that was your only option. James came up with an idea for that one. It was an injection that would reprogram your stem cell formula into a cell destroyer. Within twenty four hours of taking this dark formula you would have weakened, become deathly ill and died, most of the time when this happened, they were in their sleep, so it wasn’t very scary. It was a lot like they had the flu for a while, and then they would get very tired, pass out and die. It wasn’t painful, unless they hated being sick with some kind of irrational passion.

There were pretty severe differences between the two formulas. The regular formula worked by changing the body, reverting wounds and aging the body naturally to a younger state in the body. It would eventually run its course and leave the bloodstream in the regular ways, through the urine and other bodily wastes. The better formula made with stem cells, was from the natural body and constantly generated new cells using natural methods and regeneration. This process would keep the host virtually immortal. They were on a path to live forever like a vampire, without the cold dead flesh.

The difference was that they weren’t able to run at super speeds or do things such as fly. With age though using the one shot version, you began to naturally develop abilities such as telepathy and telekinesis which both got stronger with age. James thought he had gone crazy after about a hundred years after his shot. He suddenly started hearing voices from what he quickly figured out were other people. When he would answer them they would tell him that they hadn’t said anything. After a few times he realized that he was indeed hearing their very thoughts.

Some of the others in their new utopia were afraid at first because James made it no secret that this ability was developing. Those who had taken the one shot formula that were younger than him at the time couldn’t help but be intrigued at the possibility of attaining this ability over time.

It took Rick about another fifty years after James before he gained his ability to hear thoughts and it was another fifty after that before they found out they could also move things with their minds. Rick had gotten that one first as he had been trying to move something for an entire century since James figured out he could read thoughts.

One day he moved a paint can off of the scaffolding as they were building his house, knocking it onto James’ head. James was a good sport and knew it was Rick that had done that, but he didn’t think it was telekinesis until Rick finally confessed bursting out in laughter.

James got his abilities in telekinesis not long after that with a little help from Rick showing him what feelings to look for. It wasn’t long at all before James also got it down. They were both grateful for this area they had found and were building up. There was a need for lavish luxury and instant gratification that people tended to have in the crazy outside world. It was also a world where people weren’t free anymore. There were prison sentences being handed out like drivers licenses. The sentences were becoming harsher as well, soon there wouldn’t be much people were allowed to do without being killed for it eventually. They knew this was probably the only place in the world that people felt safe anymore.

They heard stories of the killings; the slaughtering of the homeless and other groups of people just to ease the population problems. There were ways to deal with things besides genocide, which was the most infuriating part of it all. There was already a pungent edge to the air itself even all the way out here from the rest of the world and the way they were handling things. How long would it be before this paradise was affected like they were?

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