Mothers Wrath Old World

James and Rick decided to take a trip into the old world. What they see almost chokes them both up, literally. It was almost impossible to breathe the air here, even for them. They had their stem cells always working and merely had to concentrate on breathing and their lungs were healed pretty much instantly as if they had taken the formula just then. Their formula was much better, they adapted to this air quickly and easily and without the need for further medications.

Not long after arriving, their lungs had taken on a protective mucus coating to deal with this problem naturally which was very effective. It was a rapid response that had developed over time sort of like an evolution. Their bodies just naturally found the best ways to overcome things in the fastest manner. They had gotten centuries of practice too so it was nothing for them. Within a matter of minutes they didn’t even notice the air was rancid anymore, besides by the smell of it. That was the only thing uncomfortable with their noses now thanks to the mucus.

They didn’t notice but their nasal passages had to heal a bit of the flesh that was basically scorched by the rancid air. The old burnt flesh would come out in a bit of concentrated gunk they could just spit out and be done with. To them it would be the same as if a bit of phlegm built up and came out with clearing of the throat.

The drizzles of acidic rain didn’t noticeably affect them since they healed so fast. It was just a bit itchy for a minute before their bodies adapted. Instead, the rain just ate through some of their clothing and made the outer skin red like the beginnings of sunburn; the red cleared fast though as the skin toughened itself to this attack. When you really watched it come down all the rain drops looked as if a bit of blackness was inside of them. If you looked at the ground and the sides of the buildings that were left standing, you could also see that there was a dirtier surface than before it had rained. It was just the pollution being pulled out of the air.

James and Rick had come in on their space hawgs as they liked to refer to them. They were like a motorcycle but instead of wheels they had two huge fans in the back and one in the front. It was similar to a three wheeler but longer and had more of a motorcycle look to them. The fans were the kind they used on the backs of air boats which can run over water or swampland. James had the idea one day to try and fit a vehicle with a few of them and have it actually fly through the air using pure hydrogen and electric power to run the engine.

They could now get as far as they wanted using the split water by recycling that which was dispersed and reusing it again and again to power the motor. As the fans ran as well the motor would generate heat which was also being super cooled by the large amount of air. This in turn created a small amount of moisture which was condensed and dripped back into the system refilling that which was lost to exhaust.

The bikes had covers over them that were made of fiberglass that started to get eaten through by the time they got to the old world and they started to become concerned. When they landed and found what seemed to be acid rain killing any chance at a normal life, they realized it was going to be a stranger trip than before. They found an underground parking garage and used it to keep the bikes safe for now.

Rick looked at James and with a smile said, “I guess it’s my turn to come up with something huh?” and he laughed.

James wasn’t sure of what he meant until Rick started to take off his shirt seemingly getting ready to burn his skin. At first James thought maybe he was just trying to get his skin used to the acid so it wouldn’t burn anymore but it was much more than that. He stood there in the rain letting it run across his skin. While he stood there, the rain bouncing off of his skin James could see steam forming from his skin. After a bit longer, he could smell it, it was burning flesh. It wasn’t steam after all; it was smoke from his skin cooking. After a solid 20 minutes he wasn’t smoking anymore, Rick felt that was enough time and he put his gear down, walking over to James.

“Here,” said Rick, handing James the knife from his belt, “I think its sharp enough to do this without too much pain so let’s get it over with.” he turned around, offering his back to James.

James knew exactly what he meant as he could also hear his thoughts about it so, after a deep breath; he began to carve the skin from Ricks back. He cut a good 2 foot by 1 1/2 foot section off of his sides and back, Rick breathing so heavily James was surprised he didn’t pass out. He never screamed once. The intention was to use this skin to cover the top of their vehicles so the acid doesn’t eat enough away of the top to get to the control panels. They had no other vehicles to get them back to their desert paradise without having to rebuild something that could fly them home.

James knew it wasn’t going to be enough just taking the skin off of Ricks back, so he begrudgingly took his gear off letting the acid toughen him up for a while as well. After they had each cut the other guy twice, they finally had enough skin to cover the sensitive areas of their bikes. Through much pain, they had accomplished their goals, healing in a couple of minutes like they were never cut in the first place.

There could be no slippage on the way back from the force of the air pushing itself into a hole in the skin, otherwise the pain and cutting would have been for naught and they would rather not have cut each other like this for nothing. They made sure to tie their skins down securely there could be no mistakes at 100 mph.

Of the items they brought, they had several dozen cases each with at least a hundred thousand shots total of the new formula. They were planning on trying to recruit but by the looks of this devastation all around them they may not find that many people. They liked looking for specific types of people. The ones who had nobody else were the ones they liked the best because they didn’t have anyone they would tell the secret of where this place may be. The last thing they wanted was unwelcome visitors.

When they finally got to the city, as they were walking down the streets, they heard the wild thoughts of a man who was dying nearby. He was wondering if they were angels since they seemed to be walking around unharmed in the middle of what to him must be the end of the world. He swears he can hear the trumpeting of angels as they were walking towards him and he is afraid. They prod through his mind gently easing his thoughts towards what kind of a person he is and whether or not he seemed worthy of saving. After a few minutes it seems he has nothing to hide and nobody who cares so James offers his hand and pulls out a shot of their formula for this guy who appeared to be about 30 years old.

James tells the guy this formula is special and will allow him to never need another shot again. The guy felt he had nothing to lose and decided to shoot it into himself right then and there. He was pretty messed up but after his initial orgasm and cleansing out of the old formula he would be right as normal rain. They knew he would survive and left him with another member they had planted in the city to show him where to go when he was alright. They left him when he started shaking as they knew he was feeling better than he had in a long time and continued on their way.

The orgasm effect was strong with this formula as well as the healing effect, it wasn’t as intense as the first formula’s effects were, but when you got hurt on this formula it was merely a brief pain and then there was a steady tingling sensation all over your body that felt so incredible it amplified the orgasmic feeling for a lot longer. Not to say you would orgasm every time you would heal but it was an overall great feeling. Like the tingling in the back of your neck as someone plays with your hair. It was any feeling that gave you goosebumps and made you want to shiver with pleasure.

Every time you needed to heal anything, there was a general wellness feeling like you had popped a Quaalude or something and everything was right with the world. Sometimes the great feelings would end up with people touching themselves without realizing it, as if they had just peaked on some Ecstasy at a rave.

James also knew what the angelic sounds the guy had heard were. When the acid raindrops hit the metal roofs of a couple of nearby buildings with metallic under hangings, the acid had polished the metal to a smooth finish. The sound of the raindrops as they hit it, amplified the ringing and gave the illusion that someone was playing a soft melody as the drops fell upon its smooth surface.

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