Mothers Wrath New Order

A decision had finally been made involving this new venture of government business, the burning of all those bodies. There was a powerful monopoly created made up of energy creating crematories that had been set up specifically to burn these bodies and use the heat energy created from the process as an alternate form of power. This process was used specifically for powering these crematories and allowed the excess energy created to be distributed to power grids. It allowed for cheaper electricity for people and used even less of the planets resources to keep nuclear power generating.

How it worked was actually pretty simple, the crematoriums oven was started and while the body burned, the heat that was wasted before was now harnessed using lined pipes that would allow toxic smokes to escape the building while at the same time heating water into steam which was compressed until it was highly pressurized. The heat energy was enough from the steam to push pistons on a giant generator linked with gears to turn minimal effort into maximum production.

The Green parties of the world were impressed with the idea and applauded the efforts of the government. There were still a lot of unnecessary deaths happening for reasons unworthy of such a punishment. Nevertheless, it was an idea for creating power which was less harmful to the Earth and natural fuels in the Earth.

It was still taking natural gas to burn these ovens at high enough temperatures to cook the bodies, which was still a concern but they were just happy that there were less fossil fuels being used to create these necessary energies like before. The world was finally calming down a bit and enjoying the time of relaxation that had come upon them. The ancients had been steering mentalities for centuries by this point; why would they stop now?

So therein started a new era of power, everyone got involved and started trying to come up with better ways to create power. From these were some of the best ideas ever thought of, which were used to perfect and get more support for the governments ideas. After all they were the ones who got this thing started.

Everything seemed to be great for a year or so. People started noticing it was becoming smog like in the air around them. It wasn’t uncommon to smell death surrounding you on any given day. It was hard not to pay attention to because people knew what was causing these smells. No matter how hard you try and put something out of your mind like this the smell would always be there to remind you. It was disgusting to most but the smell was quickly gotten used to similar to someone who might have a sewage tank on their property, the smell just kind of blends in before long.

This smog was getting worse every day and didn’t seem to be trying to go away. This in turn was polluting the very air they were breathing. Any worries a person might have had before about the planet ending had become nothing more than a distant memory these days. Everyone knew they could live forever and the fear of something going wrong was the last thing on their self-confident near immortal minds, so the sky continued to darken.

There was a horrendous smell covering the whole of the Earth as this systematic slaughter and cremations of people continued. It was being used as population control all around the world by this point. It had been adopted by nearly every country on Earth. Not only did they copy the idea of slaughtering the homeless and pretending it wasn’t happening but they also used these crematories and the excess energies to create power.

This lingering odor of burnt flesh and death was now everywhere it seemed. It wasn’t like when you drive past a treatment plant or a cow field and you can smell that lingering aroma of feces and sewage in the air. That was a smell you could actually keep driving for a minute while holding your breath with and it would disappear from the air. No, this was so common in the air now that there was no amount of holding your breath that could every allow you to pass the smell.

People’s eyes began to sting from the invisible toxins floating through the air from these bodies worldwide burning. In some places it seemed about everywhere you went as if someone had been spraying pepper spray into the air and you had just walked through a lingering miniscule amount. You could feel your skin getting warmer and more uncomfortable. It wasn’t quite to the point where it felt it needed to be washed off but if the person affected were to take a shower, they would still feel warm and slightly itchy when they got out because there was no escaping this force of pollution from all the burning that was happening. It was like the Earth was surrounded by an invisible enemy, and he was closing in.

This sting in the air was getting worse by the day. People started to realize it wasn’t going to get better. The itching was getting worse and actually started a string of suicides because it was driving a lot of people crazy. The worst part of it was that there were no creams for this kind of thing. Really though, even if there were some kind of anti-itching cream it wouldn’t be able to stop this. There was nothing that was going to stop this save cleaning the toxic sludge out of the air, but how? Citizens were scared that it might be too late when the sky started to darken and didn’t stop for days on end. It would only clear for short periods and then it would almost seem to get worse the next day.

Anyone who looked up towards the sky would see a green tint beginning to form in the sky. It sparked an eerie ghost story in which the current situation was talked about. People were dying so badly now and it had come as a result of this recent happening going on. Some called the eerie green tint the souls of all the people who had been murdered. It was said they were gathering in the sky to rain down vengeance for what had been done to them.

Then the thunder started to crack and mixed with the new intense lightning, it was starting to look like the beginning of the end.

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