The Blood Makes It Real
by Mark Lopez

The Modern tale of a true Serial killer

I just lay there stunned now. I wanted to kill Lucas… that much was planned on but this second death; that was like a bonus two-for-one special murder. I started shaking uncontrollably. It was similar to the feeling some get when they first kill a deer, like a sort of Adrenalin. I felt good, I felt above reproach, I felt above the law and I felt… panicked. 

Take a journey through the mind of a madman.
Was he born this way?
Was there something more powerful at play?

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Enjoy as you get lost inside the twisted world of a serial killer, just make sure you come back the same person that started reading this book. 

Dedicated to the darkness inside of all of us

This book is the first in a series, get the FULL story today!
Here are a few excerpts from The Blood Makes it Real

The Beginning
Lucas mom

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