In a Strangers Eyes
By Mark Lopez

Being a victim, is a choice.

She heard a tap on the door. She had the thought that it could have been him. Instead of frightening her as would be normal in a situation such as this, she was intrigued to find out who it was. 
When she opened the door this time a strong hand pushed the door open the rest of the way, forcing her back and into the seat she was sitting in just a moment ago. 
She looked up at him with a strange mixture of fear and excitement. It was a weird combination; she wasn’t really sure how else she was supposed to feel.
She had just been thinking about him as if she had Stockholm syndrome and here he was!

Get lost in this tale of unintended circumstances. See what happens when the stalked, becomes the stalker.
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Excerpts from In A Strangers Eyes

The Stalker