Immoral immortals

Chaos…Disorder…A lost humanity…
These were some of the things the world had come to see since the invention of an Earth shattering formula a young man named James and his scientist friend Rick came up with. It was a formula that was found to cure every ailment known to mankind as well as giving them the ability to live seemingly forever.
Forever can be an awfully long time as James was finding out since the nightmare demise of his favorite person in what has started to become an extremely long life. James had decided a long time ago to give his grandfather an altered version of him and Rick’s formula. The problem was he tried sneaking it into his grandfather’s coffee. As it turned out, his grandfather was one of the many people that didn’t want to live forever.
He had come to grips with his failing health and advanced age and he was ready for that sweet release death promised him before the onslaught of his grandson’s incredible invention. Instead he was given a different kind of sweet release and tricked into the orgasmic powers of the forced drink. It was apparently not a release his rejuvenated old bones were ready for.
He committed suicide in the most heinous way he possibly could have done. There had been suffocation involved, loss of blood, and narcotics in his battle to kill himself. He was all about making sure that it worked. It was a pretty dramatic way to go if you were to ask James but after a couple of years passed, he could understand that his grandfather just believed so strongly that people should have a choice about whether they live or die naturally that to prove a point, he offed himself.
It had ruined James for a while after that when he couldn’t save his grandfather. He accepted that it was his fault that his grandfather had succumbed to his demise in such a fashion as to have the press list him as the single most horrific death brought about by one’s own hands that ANYONE had ever seen. They thought he had been brutally murdered. Had it not been for his video confession and obvious multiple attempts, there would have been a much larger investigation. It was clear what he wanted though after all the evidence.
After his grandfather’s demise it became almost impossible to hide his identity from the public any longer and James quickly became known as the creator of the formula. He kept Rick’s identity a secret as a favor of friendship so he could keep working on things without distractions.
James grew to like the fame anyways and he knew enough about the formula to sate any questions he got by the media or the masses of users about the delicious nectar he had invented. He was loved by billions and billions of people around the world and quickly became the most popular celebrity face on the planet.
People had grown tired of calling it the formula as was the original name and came up with a nickname for it.  First it was nicknamed “Manna” after the religious bible thumpers started to compare it to the nutritious life supporting food from the heavens as according to the bible. Some other’s argued that it wasn’t really a food and didn’t really have nutritional value so to compare it to manna alone was a form of blasphemy. It simply boggles the mind to think about how religions like to bicker over such little things, or in this case, STUPID things.
Truthfully they were just jealous that they hadn’t thought of it first so had decided to nitpick and tear at the idea. So instead of just saying “The formula” or calling it “The cure all” or just “Manna”, people began calling it “Medical manna”, or “Mannacine” which was one alternative idea from the leader of the church that was calling for the destruction of the name manna for the formula.
The original group who suggested manna as the name relented and allowed the change to be made and from there on it was renamed “Mannacine.”
Mannacine had some bouts with people calling for it to be made illegal and then people saying it was no longer necessary to have illegal things since people were most likely not going to die from anything anymore. Eventually after about 3 decades of Mannacine being around virtually all drugs were made totally legal by the government, in America first and then all the other countries started following suit.
People were tired of fighting for everything to be illegal since nobody had to worry about dying anymore. There were still deaths but most of the time there could be artificial heart play and as long as the formula was injected and the heart could be pumped the formula could spread through the body and cure any ills. Humanity was at a “fuck-it” point. Anyone could live as long as they wanted to so they began to worry less and less about things that used to be a big deal. It seemed that when you didn’t have such a short unhealthy life, you didn’t have so much you felt like bitching about.
James began a new movement after his grandfather killed himself. It worked out like this, if someone didn’t want the formula. They wouldn’t get it. The pain of losing someone by their own hands was way worse than losing them to natural causes. He wasn’t even sure he would see his grandfather again if and when he died, or if his grandfather would care if he did see him. It had now been about 30 years since he had created the formula. Then shortly after he created it, his grandfather killed himself. Who was to say in another 30 years his grandfather wouldn’t have moved on to another lifetime?
If the afterlife even exists…
Ghosts were becoming less prevalent in stories and in the media since time passed and less people around the world were dying. It was deemed that if eternal life was to be given by God it would be on Earth and the Mannacine was going to be the catalyst.
Soon there started another huge religious movement calling for judgment on the would be immortals. It was demanded that people who were living forever needed to have some sort of screening and be deemed worthy of taking the formula for immortality. They wanted to take control over who the immortals were. It seemed like a good idea at first but was rejected because the newfound freedom was available to everybody. Limiting freedoms in life began to seem very trivial now that life had less limits itself.
Older people were getting a second chance at life and at taking the pains and fears of dying away. The people who had problems moving or living due to issues of health were beginning to realize how life actually was when they didn’t have health issues holding them back from enjoying their favorite things with their families and friends. There were also those who were getting more and more upset with Mannacine with each passing day.
There were the ambitious young executives that were getting tired of waiting to get their share of the power and couldn’t even set up some kind of murder because they knew the formula would most likely cause the older tycoons to heal back up again leaving room for consequences and retributions. Just because they were older didn’t mean they were powerless, older just means more connected in most cases.
There were younger family members who were stressed because their older wealthier relatives were no longer dying leaving them money they so desperately needed. That great aunt which nobody liked and were all waiting on to die so they could get the money left to them in her will would never see the light of that bank as they walked in to drain the account. She might outlive them all for all they knew now.
Bitter old farts nearing their ends are usually always the ones who lived the longest and were the most unpleasant to be around, even now, things were no different. They were ancient hellfire spewing reptiles of countless age that looked to be so busy worrying about and nitpicking things with everybody else that they forgot to take the time to help themselves out. Everybody knows at least one of those people.
Corporate takeovers and greedy relatives were quickly becoming a thing of the past. The greediest tycoons in the business industries would seemingly forever be the ones in power. They now had the power of time on their sides as well as the power of the company. Being the CEO of any company brings with it a certain amount of respect. Imagine those who were the president of a company, or worse yet greedy old family members who won’t die and are president of a large corporation. People were beginning to amass fortunes beyond any previous to the era of medical manna.
How could there be a new person taking over if the old CEO of the company never dies? That is job security directly ascended from the gates of hell. There were stories going around about attempted assassinations on CEO’s that just so happened to have taken the formula soon enough before the attempted murders that their bodies pushed out the bullets with no problems.
It was impossible to kill them as long as they were taking the formula. Of course after an attempt like that they would indubitably start taking it once a month just to make sure that nothing could take away what they were now spending their second lifetime building. It was getting serious; this matter was turning 90 year old billionaire tycoons into 30 year old billionaire tycoons with bank accounts entering hundreds of billions of dollars. Of course they would be content to live another lifetime of power and hostile business practices, keeping the power for themselves and ultimately screwing with the natural order of corporate greed. Something was going to have to be done about this, before things got out of hand.

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