Immoral Immortals wasted

The planet was slowly becoming more than a little overcrowded. Even places like rural farms were losing land to the growing population and were starting to look more like the workings of developing cities. More shops were going up all the time and large businesses were trying to compete with each other and keep up with the demand of product and supplies for the growing population. Space was running out and it was becoming harder for new places to be found to put competing businesses especially in the bigger cities. Demand was becoming more and more prevalent than satisfaction in these populated times.
Food was one of those demands, all of the farmland that was around was being bought up by these large corporations in order to make room for the industrial sized facilities where they would breed and raise farm animals at a much faster rate. There would be 10 times or more the numbers of meat and other things for human consumption.
It was a good thing that there were more facilities; it was just hard for the farmers because they didn’t have the land they used to have because of outrageous taxes that were placed on them as a ploy to legally take it from them by the supposed people’s government. The government made up a new tax they claimed was a luxury tax for owning more land than you truly needed, or so was their excuse. They claimed that since there were so many people alive and more being born every day that it was a luxury to have what they considered excess land.
The population steadily kept growing much more quickly than before now that old men and women could become young again at will.
There was an older woman who had been forced to get a hysterectomy due to the poor nature of her womb before the formula was conceived. She took Mannacine several times hoping that it might grow back. At first it seemed that it wasn’t going to happen. Nothing looked any different or felt any different to her and she wasn’t able to have a child in the 15 years she had been taking it. Then one day everything changed. The orgasm led to a tingling that grew almost hot inside of her. It had finally worked, she regrew her entire womb. It had just taken more time for the parts to grow back from nothing. In time she conceived two beautiful twin boys with her newly younger husband with no effort beyond a few fun filled creation sessions of the bedroom order.
A large outbreak of people who began giving their pet’s Mannacine started which stirred up a public outrage at the audacity of pet owners making their pets live longer too, what with the population problem the world was already facing. A few of the pet owners agreed and didn’t give their pets any Mannacine but a majority thumbed their noses at the populace retorting “Pets are people too!”
This did not go over well with some people and there began to be killings of some of these pets. Since the pet owners wouldn’t listen to them they began to just kill off any of the known pets who had been given Mannacine. This sparked a wave of drama from P.E.T.A and other groups of animal lovers.
Other pet owners pressed charges against the hatemongers for the highest prosecutions possible which ranged depending on the judges from a hefty fine to a year in jail. There were the other judges who actually sided with the defendants and decided to dismiss the cases of pet killing as a waste of the courts time since it was common knowledge that the population was getting to be a bit uncomfortable. they didn’t want to hear these dogs yapping any longer than they had to which prompted counter suits and misery for all involved. They say that there is nothing worse than a woman scorned… try murdering that woman’s pet.
The amount of humans that were now in the population was out of control. There was nothing to be done about it any longer. It wasn’t just that there was too many people crowding the ever bustling streets of every known city and township on the map, but these people seemed to be creating a chaotic super abundance of garbage that was getting out of control now.
There was so much garbage coming from every street and every house that it was too much to bear for the local garbage companies. There were people that started chipping in and putting in work trying to save cans and other recyclables by sorting plastics and paper out of normal garbage. Recycling companies were even getting overwhelmed due to the enormous piles of putrid waste amassing the insides and outsides of every facility.
There were companies that had to make deals with other local businesses to let their trucks dump loads that couldn’t fit on their own properties to allow storage of excess garbage on their land. After a while though, even owners of local businesses had to put a stop to it because they were getting overrun by recycling materials as well.
The after effects of people living so long was beginning to mess with the natural order of life as everyone knew it. The enormous amounts of garbage and waste accumulated within a few more short years to levels that were almost impossible to get rid of. There was just no more space to bury it and landfills didn’t have enough room anymore. The recycling companies just couldn’t keep up with the demand.
A widespread plea was issued to The President who now looked twenty years younger (obviously partaking in the Mannacine) to come up with a solution for getting rid of the garbage. Burning it was out of the question as he well knew since it had been outlawed to burn tires and garbage at least a decade before the formula came out and there was no way he was going to deal with that public relations nightmare right now.
In a short notice addressed to the general public, The President comes up with an idea that was surely whispered into his ear by his team of scientists that had less answers than he was alright with them having.
“On this grave day I regret that we have a problem that we as a great nation have never before faced. That problem is the crowded conditions as well as the immense amounts of waste that have accumulated in the past decades before us. I under the advice of world renowned scientists have decided that we shall commence with operation disintegration in which we shall send a gigantic ball of this waste to the sun to be incinerated fully and therefore clean up what we on this planet should have cleaned up long ago.”
It was said that the waste’s trip to the sun would take ten years with the technology that they had at the moment but it was theorized that it would burn up before it ever even reached the sun, which in light of the current situations didn’t sound like a bad idea. Burning it on Earth would be a mistake and would cause more problems than it solved so this was definitely the best answer they could figure out in such short notice. The general public now knew that there was a problem developing because of overpopulation, but it wasn’t exactly clear on how big of a problem it was.
On the day of the garbage launching, a humongous ball of the most disgusting things that you could possibly imagine was finally put together having been compressed into many sections and strapped together in order to get as much as possible into space hurtling towards the hottest thing we could think of. It was going to be nerve-wracking at first to watch the giant mess and nobody was going to be able to relax for fear that it would topple over smashing a significant area of already crowded land on the ground that they had just cleared by collecting space fuel for the sun.
There was a dirty group of very passionate individuals protesting outside of the white house holding picket signs that said:
“Why not burn the whole planet?” and “reduce, recycle, reuse.” 
They were upset that The President didn’t put more forces towards recycling and delegate more attention to that instead of just launching millions of tons of garbage into the sun. Their argument was that we didn’t have endless supplies of things being created on Earth, and sending all of our resources to the sun was just burning up and wasting what little did have. The president was moved by the arguments, but not enough to stop the launch.
Riots involving amounts of Earth conscious hippies and people generally concerned for the planet nearing hundreds of thousands broke out immediately following the launch; this was never a peaceful protest once the launch happened.  Immediately the populace began to assault the police and others guarding the ship and by the time it was all said and done, the death toll must have been well over 20,000 total bodies on both sides before nerve gas was released upon the bloody scene.
Who knew hippies could get so upset?
As the huge ball of garbage was lifted into the atmosphere the people who weren’t fighting could finally start to relax once they realized that it wasn’t going to fall back to Earth like they had worried about before. The worst thing that happened were the death tolls and when the giant ball hit the limits of our atmosphere, the ozone fried off enough garbage to blacken a significant portion of the sky overhead for a good six hours. You could visibly see the fireball of nastiness leaving our planet with an eerie glow that from a distance looked like a sun ray peeking through the clouds on a beautiful overcast day.
It was said that if you listened hard enough through the sounds of the air being displaced as the enormous pile of waste was launched into space, that you could actually hear the people of the Planet Earth crying.

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