Immoral Immortals Shakes

The first gigantic Earthquake was above a 9.9. It was followed by more with such a magnitude that it shook a significant section of Japan loose from what foundation it had and the beautiful country started to go underwater. It started slowly at first and then with an overwhelming speed people were not ready for. There were around 50 million people killed in the event. A large percentage of them died from the Earthquakes themselves but the rest died from drowning or being crushed to death by enormous mountains of Earth shifting at eye shaking speeds.
A large chunk of Japan that was around a mile long by a quarter mile wide surged above the water as the rest of the country must have gotten hung up on something or had enough Earth beneath it to stop it from sinking and shifting any further. What was once beautiful country had now become a mile high mountain with houses and buildings still sticking off the side of it. A few of the homes broke off and fell down after the weight of it was hanging off the side like that. The water level seemed to be a bit higher as well with the giant chunk of Japan underneath what used to be their beach line.
Japan wasn’t the last area to have something go under either, California and some of the coast line above it went under too. It didn’t happen quite as fast in California and had much less casualties as they were more prepared something like that could happen. They had seen what happened to Japan and they had been the other most likely spot to go for some time now, the people of California were a bit more prepared and got the hell out right away or started sitting on boats far out from the coastline as did a lot of the survivors of Japan’s shift.
The people in California that were out on their boats watched their beloved state sink and had tears streaming down their faces. It was an emotional moment for most of them even though they were expecting it to happen. Seeing it didn’t prepare them any more than if it had just happened mentally.After that other places started to quake knocking down a lot of those high-rises that were blocking the sunlight and weighing down the Earth unevenly with devastating results.
This round of Earthquakes was popping up everywhere around the Earth and wound up killing another 1 billion people around the globe.
There was a quake in Texas at a gas station for semi’s who still ran off of diesel whose pressurized tanks exploded, setting the petroleum on fire and creating a large fire that burned like napalm. A couple of nearby oil fields which were supposed to be shut down caught fire too. The result of which burned like jet fuel and had to go out on its own. It stayed on fire for days burning up much of the area surrounding it.
It seemed that the weight of all the people on the Earth and all of their useless shit had become too much for mother Earth to bear. She had been emptied so badly of natural oils and fossil fuels meant to help keep her lubricated on a massive level we couldn’t see on our small scale. Thus began the addition of fires around the globe that accompanied these quakes.
There were so many empty spaces and pockets void of substance regardless of the packing of other crap they put back in there that the surface weight of everything was just becoming too much to bear. Within a year of the constant earthquakes and aftershocks, followed by the collapsing of buildings, there were soon around 3 billion bodies and counting. This scared the president and the world’s governments that were left. They unanimously agreed that it was time to do something about the issues that were more of a long term fix. They talked to leaders of renowned “green” specialists groups who had plans together for helping to heal the Earth. A lot of them had good ideas but nobody wanted to talk about the real issue here still, which was of course the severe population.
They knew that if people kept living as long as they did and having so many kids and acquiring so many useless possessions, this problem was never going to end. This humongous wave of earthquakes that had claimed so many lives was a warning from the planet. It couldn’t handle all of this shit, it was much easier on her to just kill everyone involved and be done with it.
These quakes had taken complete countries and almost third of the population of the planet with it. Something drastic had to be done. It was decided that the formula could no longer be used for immortality. People were already supposed to use it with a doctor’s note medicinally and it was now supposed to be severely regulated. Now it was going to take some real serious issues to get a shot of it. it was going to have to be something fatal or you were shit out of luck.
There was of course mass protests and worldwide rioting but it didn’t get too out of control when the President calmly reminded people that the life sentence was death. Just because this had all changed didn’t change what had come into play a little over a century ago. People were still completely opposed to the idea, there grew a lot of job openings for underground chefs who could attempt to make the formula on the streets so it could be sold underground like heroin used to be. It wasn’t long before the government realized that people were still not dying and it wasn’t just because of doctors.
There was of course a severe drug trade in Mexico of the street drug, now renamed by the locals as the injection of youth, a pun on the fountain of youth with a disturbing twist. The forever juice that came from the streets would only come in injectable form. They weren’t sure how to make it edible like Rick and James had done so long ago. They barely were able to program it for the basics even accessing the patents for the formula.
It was now only for sale on the streets as a pre measured shot, same amount in every one. It wasn’t like anyone could overdose on it so that was always going to be enough. The nanobots wouldn’t overextend themselves on anything, they would just wait until they were needed and go to that area. Since it wasn’t just chemicals but scientific robotic ants, the drug didn’t have issues with people acting weird or looking strung out unless they hadn’t taken it in a while. It was actually near impossible to know that someone was on it unless they were tested for it. the obvious exception there would be if you knew someone before and then the next time you saw them they looked much younger than the last time you saw them.
The leading groups of the world expected something like this to happen and had prepared for the inevitable. They tried being reasonable at first, only offering a sentence of jail time to help people get the point. They were sentenced to one year for the first offence and the sentence tripled every time after that. After three times they were considered a habitual offender and the person was sentenced to a hard twenty, which of course was a death sentence.
If they didn’t do that, the person would just age for twenty years, get out and go straight to the source of more street formula to be young again. Rather than send people to watch over them and make sure they didn’t offend again They were just sentenced so it wouldn’t happen again.
This was happening all over the world and sentences were starting to become harsher and more severe for any offenders. For instance the one strike with formula became the whole of the law. Somehow after all of this war on humanity by other humans there was still a population growing at too fast of a rate. There were still people doing the formula. Almost everyone including the now ancient leaders who were in control. They were punishing people for doing what they themselves weren’t supposed to be doing. Since they were in control though they all had doctors notes from a doctor who himself had a doctor’s note so they were never going to have to worry about losing their prescriptions, they merely had to sit back and watch as the world turned asunder.
There passed another fifty years and the rate of re-population had decreased a little but not significantly enough to say that this feeble attempt at making the formula less available was working the way it was supposed to. The restrictions on it were slowly becoming less and less until sooner or later all someone had to do was to complain of severe pains and they would be prescribed the formula to ease their ills and get them out of the office.
After all why should one doctor have to do more of his job being a doctor than another who could just prescribe the problem away?
Problems arose since it was noticed there wasn’t a significant decrease in the populace and the propaganda began again. It was a mental war against the people waged by the government. Of course the blame was passed off onto the doctors. They were ordered to resign if they were found to be freely giving formula away and then charged with a felony.
Something needed to be done about this, the world was about to be forced into a zero tolerance policy.

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